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Baby Shoes | Nature
Baby Shoes | Nature

Baby Shoes | Nature

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Our adorable MOOC baby shoes are a great addition to baby’s wardrobe.

Genuine Leather - These baby oxfords are built to last. All of our products are made with genuine leather that is not only supple to the touch but is durable as well.

Rubber Sole - The mini rubber soles are perfect for little adventures. No more slipping on tile or wood floors and no more fear that walking outside will tear up baby's shoes. The soles are flexible enough to let baby's feet develop without restriction. 

No-Tie Laces - These Oxfords are designed with babies and parents in mind. The stretchable, no-tie, laces make it a breeze to slip shoes on baby's feet and are snug enough to make sure they stay on. Plus the captive elastic laces make sure that you never walk into a room to find that your toddler has removed all of the laces from their shoes to make play spaghetti... 


Sizing Chart


Length (in)

Length (cm)

12-18 months

Up to 4 5/8”

Up to 11.5

18-24 months

Up to 5”

Up to 12.5

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