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A little about Myarka

Our Name

Myarka was inspired by the story of Noah's Ark. Because he brought all the things that mattered to him in the Ark leaving everything else behind. Just like a busy moms takes her diaper bag on the go and leaves everything else behind.

Family is the overriding theme in everything we do and what matters most to us.

The founders of Myarka are two sisters who believe mothers should have the right to raise their children and contribute their talents to the world as they please. Women are often balancing career and motherhood and compromising everywhere. 

Our Dream

Is to have every mom raise her children freely while pursuing her passions. There is incredible value in teaching the rising generation fulfilment, tenacity, perseverance, and self-love. We want every mother to live a purposeful and intentional life. 

Woman Owned, Woman Designed

We want you to look good and feel even better. Myarka's diaper bags are designed with the busiest woman in mind. We have a lot of pride in our handcrafted and responsibly sourced leather. We care about the world we will leave for our children and we are raising the next generation to take care of it.

You and your baby(ies) are going to look gooooood.

From the design, to the materials, to even how we clean them, everything about our products has been carefully designed to make you feel great and to make your life as a working mom a lot easier. 

 From our family to yours we truly hope you enjoy - your beautiful diaperbag!