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A Little About Myarka

Our Name

Arka is Spanish for Ark. Myarka was inspired by the story of Noah's Ark. He brought all the things that mattered to him in the Ark and left everything else behind. Our products help moms to be organized to bring all of the important things that are important to them and nothing that isn't. 

Family is the overriding theme in everything we do and that is what matters most to us.

The founders of Myarka are two sisters born and raised in Bogota Colombia. They are passionate about craftsmanship, style, travel, and entrepreneurship. Pursuing their dream of creating a company that makes high-quality leather goods and that embodies family values has kept these two sisters close and gives them an opportunity to share with the world a piece of what matters most to them. 

Our Philosophy 

We handmake each bag in our artisan shop in Bogota and hand pick each piece of leather. We want to bring to you a piece of our culture, color, and, yes our family, through each bag and shoe we make.  

Woman Owned, Woman Designed

We want you to look good and feel great. Part of that comes from the peace of mind that organization brings you: Myarka products are designed with the busiest woman in mind, but it also comes from the pride of owning leather goods that are handcrafted from the finest responsibly sourced materials available.

But we are not all function no fashion. Let's be honest you and your baby are going to look gooooood.

From the design, to the materials, to even how you clean them, everything about our products has been carefully designed to make you feel great and to make your life as a working mom a little bit easier. 

 From our family to yours we truly hope you enjoy!