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The Perfectly Packed Diaper Bag: With Myarka by

Diaper bags, diaper bags, diaper bags. We all (ok moms) have to have them, and we all love to hate them! That is, until women decided enough is enough with the tacky, Winnie the Pooh or Peter Rabbit themed bag, let’s bring on the sleek and chic! Being a mom doesn’t mean you suddenly need to sacrifice style for convenience. If mom’s can multitask – so can a bag!

A couple of months ago I stumbled upon this up and coming diaper bag brand! Myarka! I immediately fell in love! This was a mom owned and designed brand that merges style with necessity. Exactly what I was looking for!

Myarka bags are made of responsibly sourced Colombian leather. Hand crafted, durable and super easy to clean. (I might have already cleaned mac and cheese off of mine.) They’re lightweight even when fully packed! Their design is so simple, that even EM doesn’t mind sporting the mom bag. He loves it actually. Shhh told tell him I told you!

Many have asked me how I carry everything I need for 3 little ones and still not end up carrying a suitcase – my answer – I carry the Myarka.

Thankfully I now only have one in diapers, however there is plenty of room as you will see for more. So things that I always carry with me to have the perfectly packed diaper bag!

1. Diapers, wipes, changing pad, and a spare change of undies and clothes (bow and all!). You never know when you will have a diaper blow out or an accident. With my luck – it’s any time you DON’T have these things packed. Lesson learned! I normally carry three diapers. Not really sure why, but it’s always been my go to amount once I’m past the newborn stage – in which I normally carry 10! COME PREPARED!

2. A swaddle. Swaddles are truly the multifunctional mom tool. I have used them as the blankets they are, as nursing covers, burp cloths, vomit cleaning floor rags, and an impromptu toga when S blew through two outfits and had none left. This is a must have! You can NEVER have too many swaddles! Remember that!

3. My boys never go anywhere without a sippy cup! They always have to have ice water and this mama isn’t complaining. Now that Evvy is starting to eat some solids we are adding water in for her as well. The Myarka has two bottle compartments on the side (the boys sippy cups are packed away in those though you can’t see them in this picture) and lots of deep pockets around the sides, big enough to carry Evelyn’s as well!

4. Teething toys and a lovey for Evvy. This girl doesn’t go anywhere without her Chews Life teething rosary (read more about them HERE), or her Meiya the Mouse – the cutest all natural teething toy/plush toy.

5. Mom things. My keys, sunglasses, regular glasses, wallet, and mini mom bag. My mini mom bag is filled with all the odds and ends I need to … mom lol. Hand sanitizer, coconut balm, lip salve, pen, lip stick, chapstick, mini sunblock, hand lotion, concealer stick, womanly things, and lollipops for the occasional bribe. 

As you can see everything fits and in an organized fashion. The bag is split into two sections. One that is lined with 12 inside pockets, and the other is TECHNICALLY a laptop/electronic sleeve. Now since I don’t carry any of that sort of thing, I have made that the diaper, wipes, and spare change of clothes side, and the other has sippy cups, toys, and mom thangs! 

Now you may be thinking – what about snacks?! What about more diapers?! What about ALL THE THINGS!!! Well my friends fear not because this Ark has all the room! I normally don’t carry snacks – I just never have, however there is plenty of room! I can grab my snack stackers from RePlay and toss them in, even adding two extra blankets for the boys! AND – as you can see, there is still room! 

The detail on this bag is amazing! Being handmade attention to detail was key! Beautifully lines and stitched! You can wear it like a backpack. Now I’ll admit, I have never been into that backpack diaper bag look – but I’m semi obsessed with this one! The color I got is called London. A beautiful grey. The straps adjust easily and are comfortable to wear. 

If you’re not into the backpack look you can easily unhook the straps and turn it into a crossbody. Easy peasy!

I love throwing my keys in this back pocket for easy access when I have my hands full and want to grab them quickly! 

And because I love my readers and am convinced y’all HAVE to have this bag! If you use this link, or any of the bag links in this post, you get FREE SHIPPING!! HOLLAAAA!!!!!

The bag comes in four beautiful colors!

And because I love my readers and am convinced y’all HAVE to have this bag! If you use this link, or any of the bag links in this post, you get FREE SHIPPING!! HOLLAAAA!!!!!

The bag comes in four beautiful colors!