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Myarka - What motherhood has taught me

The lessons my children have taught me are amazing and I am forever humble to know I was chosen to be my babies' mom.

Becoming a mother is the most exciting time in someone's life. 


Lessons learned:

#1 Motherhood is a privilege. Whether you chose it or it chose you, motherhood is the most rewarding thing that can happen to a woman. This doesn't mean that it is easy. No, sorry not everything is pink roses and white unicorns. Motherhood is hard. And for some reason humans tend to run away from hard. But hey hard is good. Hard is amazing. We are here to do hard things. When we do them we learn the most, grow the most, and appreciate the most. Think of it as a privilege - because it is. It is a privilege I get to wake up at night and console my crying baby girl. It is a privilege I get to change my baby's poopy diapers and know her beautiful body is working as it should. It is a privilege to teach my 2 girls to take turns and use their words when they are fitting over toys. Everything I do as a mother for my children is a huge Privilege and I am forever thankful for it.


#2 Motherhood exposes your weaknesses and needs to improve. Thought you were perfect? think twice. You start seeing all the things you think you do wrong because your bar of perfection is higher with yourself; given that you want the best for your children. Also being a mother brings out your greatest joys but also your deepest weaknesses. Weaknesses are good because we are here to learn. If we were perfect how boring would life be?


#3 Motherhood is a PHD in emotions management. What about controlling your emotions? Yes motherhood is the greatest emotion management class of them all. This one is a process. Learning to teach instead of jumping in to criticize. Learning to uplift instead of judging. Learning to hug instead of screaming. Yes we all need to learn how to manage our emotions not only our 2 year olds!  

#4 Motherhood teaches you time is precious. I read the other day an article that said you only get to enjoy 18 summers with your kids before they are gone and that had me thinking. Time flies it truly does and you get a better sense of how quickly when your children grow right before your eyes. We are here to enjoy the precious smiles of our beautiful children for a limited time. 

These are 4 beautiful things I have learned from being a mother? 

Time to share with us - what has motherhood taught you?


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